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Series explains origin of the heroine’s powers in the MCU



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Warning: Spoiler Alert!

The third episode of Ms. Marvel Arrived to Disney+ this Wednesday (22) bringing new answers about the origin of powers of heroin in MCU. The doubt came precisely from the fact that the skills of Kamala Khan have been changed from the comics. Now, fans finally have the explanation.

Entitled Intendedthe third installment in the series continues the final – and dramatic – events of the previous episode, in which Kamala was on the run from the authorities until she found Kamran and his mother, najma. This is how the heroine discovers that she has powers for being a djinn, abilities that are activated through the bracelet of your great-grandmother. So, according to Najma, the powers come from the “light” of her bloodline (via

According to the mythology of MarvelDjinns are known by many names, such as the clandestine, the title most used by them. The species is trapped in our dimension as they try to find a way to return to their home world.

The origin of Kamala’s powers in the MCU comes from the Djinns, or Clandestines.

It is worth noting that, in the past, Aisha, the heroine’s great-grandmother, was trying to find a way to get back to her own dimension with the Clandestines. However, they ended up being separated by an accident, something that may explain why Kamala’s family never got to know the species.

It is possible that new information about the true lineage of Kamala come out in the next episodes of Ms. Marvelfurther elucidating the origin of his powers in the MCU.

The third episode of Ms. Marvel is available on Disney+.

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