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Series separates truths and lies about the actress’s murder



It was on the night of December 28, 1992 that Brazil stopped. Not only because of the resignation of then president Fernando Collor de Mello, but because of a crime that shocked the country: the murder of the actress Daniella Perez by the also actor Guilherme de Padua. Today, almost 30 years after the death of the writer and novelist’s daughter Gloria Perez, the subject continues to yield, with the killer participating in interviews, theories being created and much being said about the crime. now the series Brutal Pact try to put an end to the case.

premiere of HBO Max this Thursday, 21, the production is divided into five chapters and brings details of the crime. The differential that the series seeks is not to value exemption, but to take a side. Here, documentary filmmakers Tatiana Issa and Guto Barra give a voice to Glória Perez and family members never properly heard before. Instead of sensationalist recordings and headlines, case files. Instead of Guilherme de Padua, friends. Moves away from productions like Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon a Crime and embraces a more sober tone.

This style of storytelling is born with the emergence of the idea of ​​the series itself, since Tatiana Issa herself is close to the Perez family. “I, by chance, was working with Raul (Gazolla, actor and husband of Daniella) and I was with him that day. I’m also very good friends with Dani’s cousin. I went to the funeral, to the wake. I lived this intensely in my 18 years. I saw the pain up close”, says Tatiana, one of the directors of the series. “Glória trusted us professionally, but also in our look and in our delicacy. There was, therefore, a personal and professional trust”. In the first two episodes, already seen by Estadão, the search for repairing historical errors is clear. In more than one moment Glória shows the discomfort that persists with the portrayal of the case in the media, causing confusion between soap opera and real life. After all, at the time, Daniella and Guilherme formed a couple in the soap opera Body and soulsigned by Gloria.

‘Cheap soap opera’

On the day of the crime, they filmed a breakup scene. Throughout interviews, the novelist talks about how she feels that the case has turned into a “cheap soap opera”. “That was the main concern from the beginning”, says the director Guto Barraabout the desire to remove that “feuilleton” air from the case.

“It’s hard to fight an image. There was a single photo of the two characters of Daniella and Guilherme de Padua in a romantic scene. And that photo was replicated on magazine covers. Even those who aren’t following the affair see the two in a romantic position. Imagine that it’s not the characters, but people. It was something very hard and, to this day, it is very hard to see this confusion between characters and people. people hope that Brutal Pact help change that narrative.”

However, despite this care and this eagerness to undo mistakes and confusions, Brutal Pact does not fail to be firm in some decisions. Supported by Glória Perez herself, the directors show pictures of Daniella Perez’s corpse on screen, for example.

After all, according to her mother and writer, the covers showing the young woman kissing Guilherme is a form of violence that hurts even more. She also speaks to the press that, at the time, explored the case-and that should yield interesting episodes ahead.

Brutal Pact it is, thus, the most interesting thing so far in the audiovisual market of the so-called “true crime” – or, simply, movies and series about real crimes. It is a type of production that gained strength during the pandemic, especially with series and showing absurd and scary stories around the world.

On Netflix, productions such as Tiger King, Scenes from a Homicide and Don’t Fuck with Cats. In Brazil, the movement starts now, with Elize Matsunaga and the Brutal Pact. For directors, there is more and more space to explore the genre in Brazil, but with responsibility.

correct stories

“Nowadays, it is good to have platforms investing in these stories in the right way”, contextualizes Guto Barra. “It’s very difficult to make a series about crime. Very expensive cost: requires a lot of research, a lot of imaging. It is a complex thing and that, at other times, it would not have been possible to do in Brazil. I’m glad this genre is getting stronger as the stories are being told properly.”

It is also a way to ensure that, in the memory of the population, what happened is not erased. “Brazil has a short memory. We are known for that. And great cruel crimes end up being lost. Convicts and criminals are reintegrating into society without the stories being told”, says Tatiana. “It is an important genre for Brazil.”

Keep an eye

Raul Gazolla

Testimonials from Daniella’s then-husband steal the show, with an emotional charge that draws attention.


Note how the series shows the paths of investigation with good arguments and pertinent interviews.


A centerpiece is the look at how the case was approached in the media. Pay attention to magazines. This will be elaborated on later.

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