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Sheep in Disguise Card Game Coming to Kickstarter



May 04, 2021 by Polar_Bear

“Keep your head down and shut up.” If you are a sheep in a world full of wolves, it is crucial that you go unnoticed. However, these sheep decided that they didn’t just want to hide behind the trees. They dress in all kinds of disguises so as not to be discovered. This is what happens in Sheep in disguise, a new card game soon available on Kickstarter.

From the website:

In a world filled with predators, only the smartest prey can survive …

Sadly, sheep aren’t really known to be smart. So in an effort to protect all that is fluffy, we have disguised the sheep!

Awesome, isn’t it? We thought so too, until …

We have lost the sheep. Oops.

This sudden shortage of sheep caused an economic collapse!

Now everyone is traveling the globe to locate and collect the sheep by any means necessary. So buckle up your seat belts and tuck in your underbite. It’s about to get weird.


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