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Sheik resigns from Sylvinho and suggests Jorge Jesus at Corinthians



The Corinthians’ defeat in Monday’s derby put pressure on Sylvinho. For Emerson Sheik, one of Timon’s recent idols, the club should change coaches.

“The explanation is simple. Sylvinho does nothing with the Corinthians. He hadn’t been able to do it before the signatures. Then, it gives hope because Renato, Guedes, finally, the whole team arrived, Duilio understood well, made the signings well. , but he’s wrong with Sylvinho. Sylvinho’s permanence today is contested by everyone and he really can’t take anything away from the athletes. It’s time to look for a new coach. The Corinthians can no longer play with Sylvinho. commented on the former striker on the show SBT arena.

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To replace Sylvinho, Sheik suggested the Corinthians make a proposal to Jorge Jesus, who has had glorious times with Flamengo, but who currently runs Benfica, Portugal, the hometown of the 67-year-old coach.

“There is (option), you have to look for it on the market. Bring Jesus, whom you (Benja) love so much. Even because our (financial) situation there is good, ”commented Sheik.

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