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Signs that may change relationship status this week – Metro World News Brasil



With the end of retrograde Mercury and the significant arrival of the Full Moon in Aries, there are signs that might define or change their relationship status this week.

Find out what they are:


Relationships and partnerships have been issues that have been closely watched for some time, but now is the time to move on. Emotions and feelings are on the surface for you to define what you really want out of love in your life and how it can be achieved. Many will be willing to take the official first step towards a relationship or just let go of something that no longer holds. Everything is constantly changing!


You can feel motivated to take charge of your life and to command the relationships that you energize. For many, it will be time to value what they already have even more and take new steps to strengthen those bonds, but some may also make the necessary cuts in people who no longer contribute positively. Trust the decisions made now, especially considering the pros and cons.

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You will want to work on your relationships in practice and with clarification. It helps you express your intentions more openly and take important steps towards having something real, fully defined. Some couples may also decide to start a family or pursue more solid plans.

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On October 20, 2021, a Full Moon in Aries takes flight and this will have special meaning for each sign of the zodiac. Find out how to prepare by accessing our partner Nova Mulher by clicking here!

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