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Simaria blocks Simone on social media and threatens to call the police



The duo Simone and Simaria has never been closer to the end than it is now.

After falling out with her sister, Simaria unfollowed and blocked Simone and all of Simone’s friends on social media. Simone did not return Simaria’s unfollow.

The two have not spoken in about a month, after a controversial breakup.

Simone is just complying with the protocol of the shows already paid for before the disagreement with Simaria, who only left the stage claiming that he will take care of her mental health.

Close friends say Simone got tired of trying to talk to her sister.

In one of the last meetings, Simone would have gone to Simaria’s house, who, in the middle of the conversation, even threatened to call the police if her sister didn’t leave.

The tension between the days is increasing and so is the distance. New shows by the duo are not being scheduled and shows already scheduled for the second semester are already at risk of being cancelled.

Simaria is not willing to talk to Simone and Simone doesn’t know if she will go solo. Even commercial contracts involving the duo are suspended.

Simaria’s personal life remains very confused as she faces a difficult divorce process.

Simone and Simaria: everything that is known about the controversy involving the singers

Close friends of Simaria say that she does not want to talk to or receive anyone at her house and refuses to discuss the relationship with her sister. Simaria would also be hiring an audit and lawyers to resolve contractual issues with her sister. Sources connected to the duo believe that the end of the partnership is getting closer.

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