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Simone changes name that referred to the duo with Simaria on Instagram



The singer Simonesister of the country girl simaria, changed the name of the official account in Instagram, which referred to the union of the sisters’ acronyms — previously, she used “SES” in her profile. On Tuesday morning (19), fans noticed the change and raised the issue on social media.

After the change, several netizens began to consider the possibility of a solo career of the sisters.

Since the 16th of May of this yearSimaria is officially away from the stage, and Simone has fulfilled her concert schedule alone.

The singers have not yet officially commented on the continuity or end of the duo.

Simaria stopped following celebrities besides Simone

The singer Simaria didn’t stop following only his sister on Instagram. According to columnist Leo Dias, from metropolisesthe sertaneja also gave up following the networks of many other career colleagues, such as Wesley Safadão and Zé Felipe, for example.

In addition to them, influencers such as Virginia, Gkay, Rafa Uccman, Carlinhos Maia, Lucas Guimarães, Camila Loures, Lucas Guedez and Álvaro are no longer on the list of “followed” by Simaria.

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