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Simplicity of the MEC case causes despair



The prospect of installing the CPI of the MEC raised the level of despair on the part of the reelection committee. What explains the exasperation is the simplicity of the scandal. The facts are easy to understand. Exposed in a CPI during the three months until the election would harm any candidacy. For a president who is running for reelection fighting against his own precariousness, a CPI like this can fall on the electoral campaign like dirt thrown over the grave.

The case does not involve tax havens or secret accounting. Scandal is as simple as ABC. A, it was discovered that a branch was set up in the Ministry of Education during the management of Pastor Milton Ribeiro. B, pastors Gilmar Santos and Arilton Moura exchanged bribes for public funds on top of this counter. C, two recordings placed Bolsonaro’s face at the epicenter of the bonfire. In one, the then minister said he had placed pastors at the door of the safe at Bolsonaro’s request. In another, he said he had been informed by the president of a police raid that would take place at his apartment 13 days later.

You don’t have to be a voter over 16 to understand what’s going on. Any five-year-old can see the intricacies of the scandal. Hence the desperation that leads the Planalto to invest against the installation of yet another CPI.

What worries Bolsonaro is not the criminal repercussions. Augusto Aras’ armor reassures him. The president is not worried about Milton Ribeiro or his pet pastors either. Let them explain themselves. What torments Bolsonaro is the electoral repercussion of a case that stirs up two fetishes of Bolsonarism: the fable of government without corruption and the illusion that the partnership with fancaria pastors secures the votes of all evangelicals.

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