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Son of cartoonist Maurício de Sousa buys video card for R$ 14,500 online and receives box with three sand pots



Maurício Takeda e Sousa, 34, son of cartoonist Maurício de Sousa, in a report on social media, said he bought a video card at the beginning of the month worth R$14,500 on the Amazon website and was surprised to find receive, 24 hours later, a package containing only three pots full of sand (see video above).

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The order was placed on the 2nd of July and, since the arrival of the package, he has tried to get the money or the merchandise back, but he says he has not received a response from the company and that the stipulated time for responding to emails has passed. and the company’s call center SAC.

“They couldn’t do much other than pass my problem on to another ‘high-value items’ department that curiously doesn’t answer customers over the phone. They sent me an almost incomprehensible email asking me for a statement,” Takeda said on social media.

“I filled out the declaration and they gave me 3 days to resolve it. But after 3 days, they said it was actually 7 business days. The 7 working days are gone and they asked me for another 48 hours. I’m still without my video card and with 3 overvalued sand pots”, he added.

Drummer Maurício Takeda e Sousa displays the sand pots he receives when placing an order over the internet and spending about R$ 14,500 — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Known as “Do Contra”, for having inspired the character of Turma da Mônica created by his celebrity father, Maurício Takeda recorded the opening of the sandbox in videos published on TikTok and Instagram.

In the videos, he says he called the company’s call center and received a link to have his account deleted forever and, in a second opportunity, the attendant with a Spanish accent slammed the phone in his face (see above).

O g1 found in contact with Amazon, which said, in a note, that it is already handling the case.

“ is in contact with the customer to resolve the case. Amazon has a return and refund policy that protects customers who wish to return purchased products.”

Maurício Takeda together with his father, the cartoonist Maurício de Sousa, who created the character ‘Do Contra’, in honor of his son. — Photo: Reproduction / Social Media

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