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Sonia Abrão detonates Linn da Quebrada after controversy with Silvio Santos: “Unnecessary”



Sonia Abrão detonates Linn da Quebrada after ex-BBB denounces controversial behavior of Silvio Santos; Look

the presenter Sonia Abramdecided to swim against the tide and set off Linn da Quebradaafter the singer made a controversial statement in the Just Skirt, from GNT, last Wednesday (22).

On the Rede Globo channel, the ex-BBB denounced possibly prejudiced behavior by Silvio Santos while the Chest Man was interviewing Ava Simões. At the time, the father of Patricia Abravanel was in doubt about the gender identity of the guest and ended up dividing the public’s opinions. For Linathe SBT boss “owes the trans community an apology”.

At the The Afternoon Is Yours (RedeTV) today, Sonia Abram was dissatisfied with the ex-sister’s lines and tried to detonate her live. “Critics praised Silvio Santos’ simple, light conversation with the transsexual, and she decided to clash with ‘Saia Justa’, thinking it would rock. It’s completely unnecessary and misguided.”she embittered.

The presenter’s bench agreed with the strong opinion. “Don’t go hunting for a cookie”said Thiago Rochasending a direct message to Linn da Quebrada.

Felipeh Camposalso taking the side of the commander, theorized that the ex-sister is trying to become a presenter of the tight skirtfollowing the recent hiring of Sabrina Sato. “Yesterday I thought she was going to give Astrid a flying [Fontenelle]another at Sabrina and stay there on the couch forever because that’s what I think she was looking for: stay at ‘Saia Justa’”he detonated.


On the afternoon of this Thursday (23), Sonia Abram polemicized when commenting on the team of the current season of ‘Dança dos Famosos’. That’s because, while commenting on the finalists of the reality, the journalist stressed that she liked all the names cast by the production, except Jojo Todynho.

Debauched, she insinuated that the funkeira differs from the other participants in the game. “The team this year was pretty cool, except for Jojo”, pinned the presenter. Trying to defuse the situation, the columnist Tiago Rocha came out in defense of the singer, but without success.

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