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Sony Reportedly Working To Add Support For PlayStation 5 Storage Expansion This Summer



The PlayStation 5 is an impressive machine, but one big issue has plagued its players across the board: the inability to upgrade its internal storage. The PS5’s SSD only has 667 GB of available storage (much less than the Xbox Series X’s 885 GB SSD), and with triple-A games typically measuring between 50 GB and 70 GB minimum, handling New game downloads have been a bit of a nightmare for PS5 owners. Fortunately, a new report indicates that Sony is working on a firmware update that will finally allow PS5 owners to finally upgrade their internal storage.

According to BloombergSony’s anonymous sources say Sony’s next update will activate the PS5’s expansion bay, allowing gamers to install a second M.2 SSD on the console. If you remove the removable “fins” covering the PS5, you will notice the internal slot intended to house an additional drive. The slot has been disabled since its launch, with Sony pledging last November that support for external storage would be included in a future update. To this end, the update will also unlock faster cooling fan speeds to prevent the system from overheating. Sources say this summer when Sony will announce the update. While this all sounds good, the company has yet to provide a list of approved compatible players for the PS5.

Even still, this is good news given that PS5 owners currently have few options when it comes to adding storage space. External options, like a USB stick, work to a limited extent on PS5. Unfortunately, gamers can only use them to run older PS4 games that don’t rely on the PS5’s custom fast-loading SSD. The games are only getting bigger, and as we have seen with nightmare scenarios like the recent Call of Duty games get too big for 500gb ps4S, the storage problem should be solved as soon as possible.

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