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Sorocaba and Biah show their baby’s dream party



Sorocaba and Biah Rodrigues celebrate their daughter’s birthday with a luxurious party

The singer’s family Sorocabaduo with Fernando, is partying! The artist’s youngest daughter is eight months old. To celebrate, the wife of the countryman, the digital influencer Biah Rodriguesshared beautiful photos of her baby’s celebration.

Just like every month, the famous couple makes a point of organizing beautiful parties to celebrate this very special date. Little Fernanda’s birthdays always bring a different theme. In addition, the baby always poses for photos wearing an outfit that matches the chosen scenario.

For the eighth month of the heiress’s life, the theme of the time was: “Confeitaria da Nanda”. The celebration took place outdoors in the garden of the family mansion. The event gained colorful decoration in pastel tones, with many sweets and personalized cookies and a giant cake, which pleased the firstborn Theo, who is now two years old.

Baby Fernanda squandered cuteness when she appeared in a round dress that had an apron, to show who was the party confectioner! In the photos, the family posed overflowing with happiness and love. In the caption of the publication shared on the social networks of the wife of Sorocaba, she declares herself to the youngest of the family. Eight months that our family is complete with the arrival of Fernandinha”, she said.

According to the influencer, the children really enjoyed all the details of the party. “Nanda is delighted with the colors and shapes of the birthdays. And Theo always has fun, and this time was no different, the joke took over the family”, said Biah.

Fans of Sorocaba left several messages of congratulations for the baby. A follower wished: “Princess! Family I love”. Another fan said: “Soon Nanda is one year old, time flies”. Another netizen declared: “Your children are beautiful!”.

Sorocaba and Biah celebrate the 8 months of their baby

Instagram reproduction Sorocaba and Biah celebrate the 8 months of their youngest, Nanda

Sons of Sorocaba and Biah Rodrigues play at baby's dream party

Instagram reproduction Children of Sorocaba and Biah Rodrigues pose together at a party for the baby’s 8 months

Sorocaba's wife shows details of the party for the 8 months of her youngest daughter

Instagram reproduction Sorocaba’s wife displays the details of the party for the baby’s 8 months

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