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Spiritfarer Lily Update adds Stella’s sister to celebrate 500k copies sold



SpiritfarerThe developer, Thunder Lotus Games, is celebrating a major achievement by giving back to its fans. The sandbox action game reached 500,000 sales this week, which Spiritfarer The most successful Thunder Lotus title. In honor of the news, the studio released their Lily Update with a new spirit and cooperative fishing mode.

According to the press release, the Spiritfarer Lily Update is the first of three planned for 2021. The update features Stella’s sister, Lily the Butterfly Spirit. Lily provides a source of light for players during night trips and offers another perspective on Stella’s story. However, Lily won’t appear until the end of the game, so players will need to keep an eye out for this adorable ball of lavender butterflies.

The trailer shows Lily transforming into a group of glowing butterflies as she lights the way for Stella to explore dark areas. Lily’s light source uncovers new pieces of history, but players will have to find it first. Check out the full trailer below.

“We wanted the Lily Update to be small, to address the most common feedback we’ve received from gamers since launch – fans want to know more about Stella and what her search is ultimately about,” said Creative Director Nicolas Guérin about the update. “It’s the emotional core of the game, so we wanted to get it right; Lily provides a sweet and personal window into who Stella is, and we hope players like what we’ve done with this update. “

Fishing with friends

According to the patch notes on Steam, the Spiritfarer Lily Update introduces cooperative fishing. Additionally, the team “added a new atmosphere to the Buck event” and introduced some quality of life updates. Small changes include new visuals, night rides, and quick ride tweaks.

Lily Update is just the beginning of a series of Spiritfarer updates. Thunder Lotus announced that it is already working on the next batch of new content: the Beverly Update, which will arrive this summer. This special update will take into account the feedback the study has received from Spiritfarer disabled players. The studio hopes to improve the game with better gameplay for everyone.

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