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Stênio Garcia is forcibly removed from an interview by his wife: ‘help’



Actor Stênio Garcia, 90, was forcibly removed from an interview by his wife, Marilene Saade, a fact that left the famous man visibly embarrassed. In addition, he even yelled for “help”.

The moment happened while Garcia was talking to the report of the program “A Tarde É Sua”, commanded by Sonia Abrão on the afternoons of RedeTV!, when Saade intruded and forcibly removed the artist from the place.

Without asking the reporter for permission, Stênio’s wife criticizes her husband for not using a protective mask against the coronavirus. According to Marilene, the famous could catch covid, which she wanted to avoid, since so far he has not contracted the disease.

“You can’t get coronavirus, you haven’t caught it until now,” said Marilene. “Help,” shouted Garcia. “No, sorry,” said the actor’s wife after the reporter tried to calm the mood.

After Marilene Saade used force to put the mask on Stênio Garcia’s face and managed to get him out of the scene, the reporter said it was “an embarrassing situation”.

Live at RedeTV!’s studios, Sonia Abrão and the other members of “A Tarde É Sua” could not hide their surprise and were shocked by Marilene’s attitude.

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