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Stênio Garcia’s wife breaks the silence and speaks about controversial approach during an interview with her husband: “They want sensationalism”



Stênio Garcia went through a situation like that after trying to grant an interview to the program “The afternoon is yours”, from presenter Sonia Abram. It turns out that the artist was approached to talk to the journalist live, but the approach was interrupted by the actor’s wife, Marilene Saad.

the spouse of stenio said that the actor could not speak if the use of a protective face mask to protect himself from Covid-19. In the video, you can see that Bino from “Heavy load” even asks for “help” to get rid of the hands of Marilenewhich, due to the content, would have had an aggressive handling when trying to put the accessory on the actor’s face.

Even tonight, Marilene went to Instagram to explain what happened and according to his account, stenio would have had medical recommendations to worry about the Covid-19, and that his entire approach would be for spousal protection. “They want sensationalism. I wasn’t mistreating him, I was trying to put the mask on him. I’m not going to let you massacre me. Many who know us say that if Stênio reached 90 years old well because there is someone taking care of you. , declared.

“The reporter didn’t let [o Stênio] put on the mask. If the Stênio’s pressure rises too much, he may have a stroke. Wrong are you from the press […] They wouldn’t let me put on the mask. And the guy from the press pissed me off and still had the courage to call me now. I didn’t scream, I said: ‘Put on the mask’”, she finished.

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