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Sthe Matos worries about her fiance after controversial attitude



after kissing Aline Mineiro at the last party, Sthe Matos talked to the worker and Rico Melquiades, on the possibility that the fiancé Victor Igoh receives attacks on social networks. Thinking back on her attitude, she said it was not a comfortable situation.

“Putting myself in his shoes, imagine I’m out there, I start to see these things, my friends send me, people start tagging me, they come out on these gossip pages and like, this is not a comfortable situation. I was sad about the way he must have received it. He must have been attacked a lot, ”he said.

“Malicious people take the opportunity to screw up the mess,” said the ex-panicat. “Mainly because I know the profile. Whenever something happens, they try really hard to destroy our relationship, you know? », Declared the artist.


In recent days, Sthe Matos he wanted to remember the tense moments he lived in relation to the fatherhood of his son. According to her, the situation became known on the Internet and suffered various types of attacks on her Instagram posts.

“This guy, we met in high school and all that, we started on the internet, but our relationship was a lot of bullshit, he cheated on me like hell and I always forgave, really young, yeah. there was one we ended up with and I stayed with a boy, then two days later we came back, then a month later I found out I was pregnant. “I thought it was his, we thought it was his and everything, but it was the other’s,” he recalls.

Shortly after, she he recounted the attitude he had on discovering the child’s father. “Crying, a fake shit cry.” I found out that he was not my son “,” the fruit of a betrayal “. Oh out of nowhere, you saw what [Abner, o ex] did it? ‘ And I didn’t ‘. She hung up and I walked in, bitch, I don’t know what, my life has turned to hell. Everyone curses me, every page, every place you can imagine, “he stressed.


It should be noted that after losing more than 100,000 followers on social networks, Salvador’s team of influencers pointed out that, Hateful messages will no longer be tolerated. In addition, they asked for empathy with the person and respect for his family.

“The legal team is already reviewing these posts and anyone who in any way disseminates fake news, defamatory comments, videos with speeches deliberately taken out of context in order to defame, and comments such as speeches by hatred will be subject to appropriate legal action. It is cruel and inhumane to make mean and defamatory comments about someone who is not there to justify and defend themselves. Defamatory, sexist, racist, attacks and threats messages and comments are unacceptable and will never be tolerated, ”they said on social media.

Rafael Carvalho

A journalism graduate from the Faculdade das Américas (FAM), he has previously presented an entertainment program related to the world of famous people and interviewed artists in the field.

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