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Stylish Deathloop PS5 Trailer Shows Off Gameplay



As it stands, Arkane Studios and Bethesda’s upcoming Deathloop has received a stunning new trailer, full of James Bond vibe. The time-looped title is slated to arrive on May 21 of this year. Inside the trailer, not only do we get to immerse ourselves in a homage to the Bond title card, but we also get to see a little bit of action. Inside, we get a glimpse of a neon-tinted world with plenty of assassinations, from knife throwing and heavy explosives to standard weapons. There are also other curious weapons that look nothing like a standard arsenal. Check Out the Trailer Here!

Protagonists Colt and Julianna both feature prominently in the trailer, taking on a variety of colorful enemies in a number of environments. Weird and sectarian masked enemies are a part of the enemy makeup. So far, we know the game is a bit of an assassination tour, with Cole tasked with taking down a number of big bad guys before the time runs out. Due to the mechanics of the loop, players are tasked with trying to achieve the perfect run, take out all targets, and survive. If Colt fails, you are back at the start of another loop, although some aspects may be retained from loop to loop. How it all plays out at the end we haven’t seen yet.

While the trailer focuses on the action, there are a number of stealth, spy, and infiltration elements at work in Deathloop that players should explore as well. When things cannot be resolved otherwise, secret murder is the way to get things done. That’s probably why they picked the James Bond motif for the trailer, hunh. Fresh. Based on the trailer, there may be some significant in-game movie moments to go along with this thematic infusion as well. Deathloop is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC on May 21.

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