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Sucker Punch Productions Leaked A Cancelled Game Called Prophecy.



Over the last couple of months there have actually been a lot of leaked cancelled games from massive IPS like Prince of Persia to games we had no clue about like Hideo Kojima’s . It seems like a Sucker Punch Productions game which was supposed to be their next game after Infamous Second Son has been cancelled. Although this did get cancelled to make way for the highly rated Ghost of Tsushima. Looking at the gameplay, it looked like they did make the right choice. 

What was Prophecy?


Prophecy was going to be set in a medieval era and we didn’t get a chance to see the gameplay before it got deleted. It did look like it had elements of both Infamous and Ghost of Tsushima. Even though it was very early gameplay and didn’t really show that much information on what the game could have been. Looking at the gameplay though. It felt like it could be very Assassin’s Creed like and it’s not like that hasn’t been done before. With us having nearly 20 of them now. Even though Ghost of Tsushima does take elements from other games there’s no doubt that it’s original. 


Will we ever see this canceled game release?


The game got deleted really quickly after being leaked. This kind of got us thinking, could they be making a game in Medieval times in the future? They now have massive success with a game set in the Samurai period. Why not jump into the Medieval period in the next game. Before this as well, they were looking into other periods of time before they decided with Ghost of Tsushima. Even though it’s kind of looking like we could be getting another Infamous announcement in August. There could be a medieval game coming soon.

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