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‘Sugar Mama’ reveals that it pays R$113,000 in allowance for a partner



Julie, a 44-year-old woman, blew up on TikTok after detailing her relationship with her partner, 15 years her junior. Her name is “sugar mama” (women who pay for affectionate / romantic / sexual relationships with young people, as opposed to sucking daddy).

'Sugar Mama' reveals he pays R $ 113,000 allowance to partner

Credit: Reproduction / TikTok @ julie.withthebooty‘Sugar Mama’ reveals he pays R $ 113,000 in allowance for a partner

According to UK site The Sun, she pays her boyfriend £ 15,000 a month, which works out to around R $ 113,000 in Brazil.

Responding to subscribers’ questions, she said she was buying “whatever he wants”. And about what she gets in return, Julie says her partner does whatever she asks.

If he had not missed a task requested by her, the value would be even higher: “I lowered [a mesada], because last month he forgot to clean the pool, “he said.

In the summary of her social network profile, she writes “Welcome to Cougar Town [puma]”. Cougar was a term that became popular in the 2000s because it defined relatively “older” women dating younger men. Queen of Pop Madonna has been defined that way and Julie even mentions the star in one of her videos.

Responding to why she was dating younger men, she said in the caption of the post that “Mama Madonna said everything was fine”.

She also explained that younger people usually follow the rhythm of her life and when asked if she minds that people think he is a child, she said no.

Aware, she even warned against contacts for this type of relationship established by social networks, pointing to the possibility of fraud. For her, respect always comes first.

@ julie.withthebooty

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