Suicide Squad Theories Including Nemsis System Or Bizarro



We have finally had some confirmation that a Sucide Squad game is actually going to be coming out. The rumour was finally revealed with a picture of Superman. With a Sucide Squad bullseye on his face. We have a lot of rumours around this game and also another Arkham game. The Sucide Squad game does seem to be releasing first. We did have a small hint that the next Batman game will feature the Court of Owls. There’s no saying that this isn’t happening but it looks like we are getting a Sucide Squad game first. 

Theory of Bizzaro. 

This is my personal theory of what came to mind when looking at the promo picture. There have been some rumours that Superman could be evil in the Suicide Squad game but looking at it closer. I have a theory that it isn’t Superman at all, it’s Bizzaro. Unless they’re using the Injustice storyline, there never really has been a bad Superman.

This is where the Bizzaro theory comes from, a villain Superman is too powerful. Bizzaro is the complete opposite of Superman and is from the Bizarro world, an opposite world. He does have many different variations through comics depending on who’s writing. For the next game to take it on could be something very interesting if this does become true. 

The rumours!!? 

There have been a lot of rumours following this new Sucide Squad game. Arguably, the biggest one to be rumoured though is the introduction of the Nemesis System. This was introduced into the Shadow of War/Morder games.

This could be a great fit for the Batman games due to having a lot of similarities with enemies to the Shadow games. Them all being in a gang as well gives them a lot of ways to go up in the gang rankings if they defeat you. This would work very well in the Batman games universe. If this rumor comes true, it could really put this game on the next level. 

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