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Summer Game Fest Takes Shots At E3



E3 didn’t exist last year, and with that, Summer Game Fest was born out of the flames. Since then, E3 has returned this year with a dispute between the two sides.

E3 and Summer Game Fest may be two completely different platforms, but they are similar in many ways. The similarities seem to start something of a dispute that neither side made the first dig until recently in a tweet.

What Summer Game Fest said …

In a recent tweet, Summer Game Fest said this:

“If you want to add the full #SummerGameFest event schedule, it’s one click. No apps, no registrations.”

Why does it feel like you’re targeting E3?

Summer Game Fest mentions that there is no complicated way to register for Summer Game Fest. They have a registration process or they enter the application to access its content. It seems to be pointing the finger at E3. Currently, E3 has not responded in any way.

But there could be healthy competition here. That could take these two massive platforms to new levels. Consoles have competitors. Why not great game showcases?

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