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Super Replay – Demon’s Souls Episode Nine



Today, the adventure continues and perhaps comes to an end. However, Marcus has yet to conquer one of the most infamous areas of all souls, the Valley of Taint. It’s dark, it’s like a maze, it’s full of poison, and for some reason there are huge deadly monsters too. Can Marcus take it away or are we all eating a ton of obscenely hot food today? Find out today at 2:00 p.m. CST!

In 2009, From Software changed everything with Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 3. The challenging action RPG would pave the way for a critical subgenre with Souls and Bloodborne games. With the PS5, Demon’s Souls has found a new home with Bluepoint’s remake of the original title. Once upon a time, we started a Demon’s Souls journey that didn’t last long. This time, we take care of everything. Today, Super Replay returns to its frenzied Friday slot machine game with a new adventure featuring a full game of Demon’s Souls. This Super Replay is sure to be extra hot!

Join Andrew Reiner, Dan Tack and Marcus Stewart for a blazing race through this classic game. Marcus’ first full game is sure to be full of thrills, thrills, and fire. Yes, fire. We’re going to munch on all kinds of ridiculously fiery treats during the game to really raise the stakes. Everyone dies plenty of times in Souls games, but what if you put the extra pressure of some scorching zingers on top?

When our intrepid champion perishes, the action escalates to new levels as we consume some of the hottest fares commercially available. How far will the crew go in the challenge world as they travel through Boletaria and beyond? It’s going to be spicy, and you don’t want to miss it!

The action begins at 2:00 PM CST today, featuring a 2 hour block of delicious Demon Souls. Will Marcus fall prey to the twists and turns of the game’s opening? Demon’s Souls is no kidding, and the levels can often be more infuriating and dangerous than the bosses that would later become the highlights of the From Software experiences.

Can you imagine the sheer terror as Marcus first enters the Valley of Taint? We might not be doing this, gang. It’s sure to be one of the most epic Super Replays ever, so join us on Twitch for all the action. Can’t do an episode? No problem – the episodes will be available on our YouTube page and easy to navigate a day or so after our broadcast.

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