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Surgical error and affair with famous: curiosities about Aline Dahlen



Aline Dahlen is participating in Ilha Record 2 and in just two episodes she has already shown that she is not kidding. In the program, 13 celebrities look for treasures and can earn up to R$ 500 thousand. But this is not the actress’s first experience with reality shows, she has already participated in BBB 14, where she was eliminated on the 12th wall! The LeoDias column gathered some curiosities about the famous, who has even lived an affair with one of Paul McCartney’s guitarists.

animal lover

Aline already rescued a horse from a cart driver years ago. The bodybuilder saw the animal very thin and old, and started talking to the cart driver, who remembered her from the television times. The former sister managed to call the police to collect the horse, which she lived with for two years before she died of old age. Animal lover, the actress confesses that she likes animals more than people!

surgical regret

The former BBB had 8 degrees of myopia and operated on to have only 3.5 degrees. Something that would be a solution, brought problems: the model’s eyes became super sensitive to air conditioning, wind and sun, and she still couldn’t see completely without a lens.

body change

When the model started training, she weighed 49 kg. After a lot of effort and dedication in bodybuilding, she managed to reach 65 kg. And detail: she still has clothes that fit from that time.

best friend at the gym

When the actress sees someone doing an exercise wrong at the gym, she immediately corrects it! Speaking with affection, Aline makes training partners and helps people, just as she has been helped in the past. We are not born knowing everything, the important thing is to always improve.

Romance with Brian Ray

In 2018, Aline met Brian Ray, Paul McCartney’s guitarist at one of his concerts. The musician was in Porto Alegre, and the actress was invited backstage to have drinks and wait for the show to happen. Walking through the halls, she came face to face with a handsome blond man who caught her eye. In an unfriendly way, Brian asked what she wanted there – showing her Capricorn way of being – and the bodybuilder replied that she was just looking for a bathroom.

The guitarist accompanies her there, and soon after, they talk and exchange contacts. The show starts and Aline goes to the audience, and soon she sees her “tall blonde” on stage, taking turns between guitar and bass! Very surprised, both start exchanging messages until Aline was invited to accompany her tour in Canada.

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