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Suzana Pires reveals that she discovered Marcos Pasquim’s betrayal through a photo in the newspaper: “Lied the day before”



Actress Suzana Pires made a surprising revelation about her relationship with fellow actor Marcos Pasquim, with whom she lived a romance. She recalled the moment she discovered her partner’s betrayal and told how it all happened. She made the revelation during a chat on the Papagaio Falante podcast, with Sérgio Mallandro, this Tuesday (19).

The artist said that the relationship with her professional colleague ended after he was photographed kissing another woman, in 2010, and the image ended up in the newspaper. She said the two had an agreement in which they were allowed to relate to other people, but the couple had to maintain transparency and report to each other when it happened.

“We had an agreement: I traveled with my piece, and he with his work. Then I said: if you do something, you tell me and preserve me”, revealed the brunette. However, the actor did not respect the agreement and the thing did not go as expected: “He stayed, it was in the newspaper, he did not warn me. He lied the day before, he exposed me completely”, she said.

The snitch photo was published in a newspaper and the actor could not hide it. “The day the newspaper came out, I was sleeping at his house. He entered the room to wake me up, with a strange face. He had his hand behind his back with the newspaper in his hand, and he said: ‘this came out here in the newspaper ‘, and started crying,” recalled Suzana. “And I told him, ‘We’ll figure this out later, I have to work. I got in my car and started crying,” she said.

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