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Taiwanese couple accused of being responsible for a fire that killed 46 people for failing to put out incense in their bedroom



The fire started on the ground floor, which made it more difficult to get out.

Taiwan’s prosecutors said the couple left their home and left incense burning in the apartment, which was on the first floor. The fire burned the woman’s room, then the flames reached the upper floors.

Prosecutors accuse the 51-year-old woman of failing to extinguish the incense, and the 52-year-old husband of failing to remind her to put out the fire. The two are only identified by their last names, Huang and Kuo, respectively.

The building where the fire took place is 40 years old and is located in Yancheng District. The fire took the building at dawn and went out at dawn.

Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai said the building once housed restaurants, karaoke rooms and a movie theater, but is currently partially abandoned.

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