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Tangent Space RPG Up On Kickstarter



April 21, 2021 by Polar_Bear

The classic Space Opera has been a bit lost lately. More action and horror, many sci-fi properties lose a lot of that nostalgic feel of brave adventurers crossing the stars. Tangent space seeks to recreate those glory days on your tables. The project is underway on Kickstarter now.

In the countryside:

Tangent Space is a tabletop sci-fi role-playing game that seeks to capture the far-reaching scope and optimism of classic space operas. Features various alien societies, cutting edge technology, epic space battles, and a future worth fighting for.

Tangent Space takes place in a dawning utopia where the various alien nations of the galaxy try to come together despite their differences. The year 3025 is a great time to experience! The central worlds are peaceful and no one is poor or homeless. The frontier is dangerous and unknown, begging exploration and adventure. Large and powerful factions vie for influence on the ever-changing galactic scene. Mysterious precursors have left treasures and warnings to those they consider worthy successors. The universe of Tangent Space is as limitless as our own galaxy!

The campaign is now operational and is expected to last another 29 days.


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