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Team Secret Announces Recruitment For Their WIld Rift Team



Riot said he is looking to bring a new competitive structure for mobile MOBA in a recent 2021 Livestream. The developer has said he wants to extend competitive play from League of Legends and VALORING to his other IPs like Teamfight Tactics, Legends. of Runeterra and even Wild Rift. “Like League PC, Wild Rift is extremely competitive, with the depth, complexity, and high-stakes moments that make it a great sport.Said John Needham, global esports manager at Riot. “While it is still incredibly early, we are excited to bring our passion and dedication to esports to mobile. “

Following the beta release of League of Legends: Wild Rift in Southeast Asia many organizations decided to immerse themselves in the MOBA mobile esports scene even before it was officially launched by Riot. Team secret is one of those organizations looking for highly skilled ranked players to join their Wild Rift lineup.

Team Secret will be hosting a trial run for their Wild Rift team between January 23 and 24, 2021. Players should be ranked Diamond I and above in Season 0 or should have reached at least Diamond II in Season 1. They must be able communicate well in English, living in South East Asia and being 16 years of age or older. Click on here to complete the Team Secret Wild Rift Tryouts form. Players who wish to participate must complete the form promptly as registrations are closing January 16.

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Team secret Field reconnaissance tournament

Players can also participate in the Team Secret Scouting Grounds tournament which includes a $ 1000 prize pool. The 4 best players of the tournament will have the chance to join Team Secret.

The Team Secret Wild Rift Reconnaissance Field will officially begin on January 22, 2021. Registration for the tournament will take place from January 16 to 19, with the group stages being placed on January 22. The quarter-finals will be broadcast on Team Secret’s Facebook and YouTube channels while the semi-finals and the grand final will take place on January 24, 2021. The tournament organizer will contact the selected participants before informing them of the rules and confirming the composition of the teams.

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