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The BGMI Showdown 2022 (BMSD) has been announced by KRAFTON and it is all set to take place from 21st to 24th July. This will be the first official LAN event by the developers and will be featuring a prize pool of INR 15,00,000 ($18,750 USD).

A total of 24 directly invited BGMI teams from all across India will be competing in this tournament and the stakes will be higher than ever before as it is an official event.

This will be the third BGMI tournament that will be taking place on LAN after NODWIN Loco All Stars Invitational and BGMI Masters Series 2022 (BGMS), all three of them being organized by NODWIN Gaming.

BGMI Showdown 2022 (BMSD): Complete BGMI LAN Tournament Details

BMSD 2022 is the first official BGMI tournament that will be taking place on LAN and is being organized by Krafton alongside NODWIN Gaming. Here is complete information about the event.

The BGMI Showdown 2022 will witness participation from 24 directly invited teams that have been divided into three groups of eight teams each.

The first-ever official BGMI LAN tournament which is being organized by KRAFTON and NODWIN Gaming will be taking place across four days from 21st to 24th July.

Day 1: 21st July | 16:00 (IST) Onwards

Match 1: TBD, Match 2: TBD, Match 3: TBD, Match 4: TBD, Match 5: TBD, Match 6: TBD

Day 2: 22nd July | 16:00 (IST) Onwards

Match 7: TBD, Match 8: TBD, Match 9: TBD, Match 10: TBD, Match 11: TBD, Match 12: TBD

Day 3: 23rd July | 16:00 (IST) Onwards

Match 13: TBD, Match 14: TBD, Match 15: TBD, Match 16: TBD, Match 17: TBD, Match 18: TBD

Day 4: 24th July | 16:00 (IST) Onwards

Match 19: TBD, Match 20: TBD, Match 21: TBD, Match 22: TBD, Match 23: TBD, Match 24: TBD

The total prize pool for the BMSD 2022 is INR 15 lakhs, out of which INR 2 lakhs will be distributed for various awards like MVP (Most Valuable Player), Grenadier, Longest Finish, and Team with Most Finishes.

Karfton will soon reveal more information about how the remainder of the prize money will be divided between the competing teams.

The BGMI Showdown 2022 will be livestreamed in multiple languages across various platforms like YouTube and LOCO.


YouTube- BMSD 2022

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