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Telltale RPG Campaign Setting Up On Kickstarter



May 04, 2021 by Polar_Bear

There are a lot of fairy tales out there. You’ve probably read dozens of them. With Witness, a new 5th edition D & D By setting up Kickstarter now, you can jump into these stories and make history yourself.

In the countryside:

Welcome to Tellatale! Tellatale is a complete new campaign setting for the fifth edition (5E) of this game with dragons and dungeons. It includes many new character races, class variants, and more.

Tellatale is a world created during an event called the Great Conjunction. This event merged a number of disparate fairy tale worlds, wreaking havoc on the transported beings and creating conflict between the new neighbors.

Each Zone is ruled by a Hierarch, a being of extreme power. Shortly after the Conjunction, the Hierarchs each attempted to expand their territories while defending themselves from the invasion.

They are currently in a difficult detente as a result of the continent going through the Great War, but they are constantly plotting against each other with the goal of becoming the most powerful area.

Tellatale players often take on the role of spies or mercenaries working for or against specific Hierarchs. Of course, nothing prevents them from trying to amass enough power to replace one of the Hierarchs and take an area for themselves …

Alternatively, you can just pick your favorite area and never leave. Each zone can easily be a complete campaign setting on its own.

The campaign arrives on 2/3 funded with 26 days remaining.


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