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The 2K Lineup For E3 Has Been Leaked Only Days Before The Event, And It Includes A Marvel Game



There have been a few leaks prior to E3, this being one of them. It seems the most significant leak is the full 2K lineup. There are a couple of obvious ones that seemed to be part of the event.

But there are also some massive surprises that may not be legitimate. There is also a very interesting leak that could be a game to watch in the future. So let’s take a look at the leaks.

What has been leaked?

The first is not much. It looks like NBA 2K22 will show up at E3. This was already very likely to appear at E3, which doesn’t surprise many people. The next leak is something that could be very special. A Borderlands spin-off that focuses on fan favorites; Tiny Tina. Borderlands has been feeling a bit stale lately after the disappointing Borderlands 3.

A spin-off that focused on Tiny Tina could be a game changer. Then we have a game that is said to have a mix of Saints Row and Cthulhu. We have no idea what it could be, but it sounds very interesting.

Marvel meets XCOM

Finally, we have what could be the most prominent 2K ad. A Marvel game that inspires XCOM. However, it appears this will work by controlling Marvel characters if they go the XCOM route.

Does that mean they will kill the character if he dies in the game? Marvel and XCOM could go a lot of ways, and we’ll keep our eyes open for this one to be announced.

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