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The 5 best MTG green cards coming in Kaldheim



Some of the best green cards in Kaldheim surprisingly they are not creatures. While there are certainly some very impressive creatures with the new Vorinclex and Battle Mammoth, they tend to be quite specific and may not be a good fit in many decks. In general, these Magic: The Gathering Cards are more likely to hit Standard than other flashier cards.

Tyvar kell

MTG Kaldheim Tyvar Kell Best green cards in Kaldheim

Typically, niche planeswalkers like Tyvar Kell don’t perform very well. Tyvar Kell is unique in that he cares about elves. While Standard currently lacks one mana elf ramp creatures, Tyvar turns each elf into a mana ramp. Pair Tyvar with a board-boosting creature, like Elvish Warmaster, and an army of elves can double and triple in size. Being able to create free mana ramp elves and continually upgrade creatures ensures that Tyvar remains protected once he’s on the field.

Elven Warmaster

Elven Warmaster from MTG Kaldheim

Talk about the elf, he’s the elven warlord! Acting as a replacement for the renegade leader Ezuri, Elvish Warmaster worries about fortifying an army of elves for an all-out attack. Although not as powerful as Ezuri, the Warmaster creates elf tokens very quickly. While it is only once per turn, with multiple copies on the battlefield, or left alone for a few turns, an army can double in size very quickly.

Sentinel Jasper

MTG Kaldheim Jaspera Sentinel Best Green Cards in Kaldheim

It may seem strange to have a little mana fool as one of the best green cards in Kaldheim, but Jaspera Sentinel does a lot of work. First, it’s a one-mana creature with half stats and range. It’s already better than most single-drop creatures, but it also increases. While the ramp requires another creature, in an elf deck it will be easy to hit. Between Jasper Sentinel and other mana-boosting creatures like Gilded Goose, players will be able to accelerate toward larger spells much faster than before.

Snakeskin veil

MTG Kaldheim Snakeskin Veil

The snakeskin veil is just a flourishing defense in disguise. Helps creatures dodge any specific eliminations that come their way while giving them a permanent stat boost. Most green heavy decks will include multiple copies of Snakeskin Veil, as it is both a combat trick and protection. The first time a player throws this in response to an opponent’s heartless act it will feel great. Spell-wise, Snakeskin Veil is one of the best green cards in Kaldheim.

In search of greatness

MTG Kaldheim in pursuit of greatness

Throwing Pursuit of Greatness on the second turn will set the tone for the rest of the game. The ability to have a free spell each turn gives players a huge advantage over their opponent. At worst, In Search of Greatness helps smooth out ties. It’s a win-win situation for your controller. The unfortunate downside of the card is that it checks the status of other cards, not yours. On the third turn, unless players can cast a drop, players will be forced to only guess 1, which is still pretty good.

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