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The 5 best MTG red cards coming in Kaldheim



Red is a powerful color in the last Magic: The Gathering set. The best red cards in Kaldheim they have tons of versatility and bring a whole new approach to traditional red mechanics. While they are a bit strange and at times situational, they are sure to have a huge impact on the game.

The best red cards in Kaldheim

Toralf, God of Fury / Hammer of Toralf

MTG Kaldheim Toralf Best red cards in Kaldheim

Toralf is a strange creature with a unique ability. When a creature or planeswalker takes excess non-combat damage, the excess is dealt to another target. Effectively, it gives other spells trample. Toralf may be familiar to you, while other creatures like Pestilent Spirit, Firesong, and Sunspeaker also grant keywords to spells. Casting trample spells will turn cards like Shatterskull Smashing into a powerful close-game move.

Toralf’s Hammer may not be as good as the creature side, unfortunately. When equipped, the creature only gets a bonus if it’s legendary. If it’s not legendary, it restricts the creature to act only as a way to use the hammer ability. It consumes a lot of mana and effectively kills a creature as an attacker to throw the hammer. Being able to screw something in every turn is great; Players must allocate six mana and tap a creature to do so. Both cards together, however, rank Toralf and his hammer as one of the best red cards in Kaldheim.


MTG Kaldheim Quakebringer

Quakebringer feels like a card built entirely to strengthen Kroxa, Titan of the Hunger of Death. Close life gain strategies and continue to deal damage even while in the graveyard. Since Quakebringer requires a giant at stake, Kroxa is a perfect fit. Players will only have to be careful not to exile Quakebringer when they escape from Kroxa and return to the game. The other cheap giant creature that will see a lot of play is Bonecrusher Giant, one of the main red spells in Standard currently.

Tibalt’s deception

MTG Kaldheim Tibalts Trickery Best Red Cards in Kaldheim

A red counterspell is so rare that it is almost absurd. There may be six in Magic history, and they are usually specific counters or have some strange conditions to meet. Tibalt’s Trickery is no different.

First, players counter a spell, either from an opponent or their own. The spell’s controller then grinds one, two, or three cards, chosen at random. They then exile the top card of their deck until they find a card with a different name than the countered spell. They can choose to cast that new card for free.

Casting Tibalt’s Trickery is a gamble. This is the immediate drop of the spell, but the second could be worse. Players may be countering a Shark Typhoon now just to give their opponent an Ugin. Tibalt’s Trickery is a bit different from other random effects like Chaos Warp, in that the new card must not be land. Ensures that the target player still casts a spell, but not the one they intended.

Double hit

MTG Kaldheim Dual Strike

Dual Strike has a lot of potential for decks looking for extra value in their spells. Although limited to four mana instants and spells, there are many options to choose from. Popular objectives can include Cathartic Reunion to draw a total of six cards. Another could be Slaying Fire, which deals a maximum of eight damage to any target. Players can also predict it for later and save it for the perfect spell later in the game. There may not be a ton of big goals for him at the moment; Any cheap red spell in future sets could make Dual Strike a very powerful spell.

Frost bite

MTG Kaldheim Frost Bite

Frost Bite looks a lot like another snow-based spell, Skred. Frost Bite normally deals two damage to a creature or planeswalker. However, if your controller has three or more snow permanents, you get a small damage boost. While it may seem like a demotion from Skred, it does have a bit more versatility as it can target planeswalkers. In a format where there are almost no drawbacks to using snowy lands, it can easily be a three-damage spell at a time.

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