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The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DX — Is it worth it?



In addition to the other two games in the Mysterious trilogy, Atelier Firis you are receiving DX treatment. It’s one of the most divisive games in the series, with many fans either loving or despising its additions. Regardless, the backlash was notable enough for developer Gust to back off for the next game, before reorganizing his approach with the Ryza Serie. Personally, Firis is my favorite of the trilogy, so let’s take a look at what’s new in this DX version and see if Atelier Firis DX worth it. Please note that the original version of the game will be removed from Steam and its owners will need to purchase this version to access what’s new.

Atelier Firis DX has a much longer story setting than the other two games in the trilogy. Firis lives in a city built in a cave system. This city is terrified of the outside world and Firis hasn’t even come out. When the protagonist of the previous title, Sophie, blows up the city gate, Firis learns about alchemy and convinces her parents to let her out. But there is a problem: you have a year to take and pass the alchemist exam to stay out. Otherwise, you will have to go back and work in the caves again.

Many fans did not like that the game did not have a central axis full of story events like other games. I understand where they come from, but personally I don’t care much Workshop characters or their banal conversations, so the change suits me. Instead of targeting smaller areas across a world map, Atelier Firis DX It has large areas that are interconnected, which means that the world really has a sense of place. Of course getting where you are going takes more time, but I prefer this setup. I’m happy that Ryza took so much inspiration from him.

Atelier Firis Dx Worth 2

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Atelier Firis DX has a combat and alchemy similar to Atelier Sophie, but there are improvements here and there. In particular, this is a a lot of game more attractive than its predecessor. Not left behind Ryza, Really. Going from the small areas of the last game to the large areas of this one is a bit jarring, but I can’t help but see it as a huge improvement. There are also nifty skill chains that you can use in combat. This version also adds a photo mode and the ability to speed up the battle, just like the other two games.

However, the game itself has some new features. Firis has access to four new vehicles that speed up movement and harvesting even more. You also get new items that similarly make things more convenient. There are also new missions where you see yourself fighting a bunch of new boss monsters. Beating them all will allow you to fight an even tougher version of Palmyra, making it something to alchemize all sorts of mastered gear.

Atelier Firis DX It also includes some previous DLC, such as two new party members, a ton of costumes, background music packs, and a couple of new gathering areas to explore. If you come from Ryza and looking for more Workshop to sink your teeth in, I honestly recommend Firis. This version mitigates some of the issues players were having with the base game, so it’s honestly a better version. I would say Atelier Firis DX worth it. It may not be at all RyzaLevel, but still a solid serial entry in its own right.

Atelier Firis Dx Worth 3

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