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The Band of Misfit Boys RPG Characters Up On Kickstarter



February 23, 2021 by Polar_Bear

Need to get NPCs for your game? Maybe you’re looking for a new character and suck? Either way, you should check out the Band of Misfit Boys, a group of characters for RPGs that is currently available on Kickstarter.

In the countryside:

Adventure abounds in the multiverse of dungeons and dragons, attracting brave heroes and adventurers. Meet the Band of Misfit Boys, an all-male queer adventure party ready for any setting!

You’ll find all six of the group, from grumpy barbarian to mischievous wizard, with sexy bios and pin-ups. The Misfit Boys are great NPCs for your campaign and an eye candy anytime of the day.

The campaign is a little over 2x funded (to be fair, they weren’t asking for much, like with most of these Zines) with 13 days left.


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