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The Best Family Meals In Video Games



Assassin’s Creed is known for a lot of things, but it’s not often associated with tears. The pirate version of the Black Flag formula brought a lot of it, however. Perhaps one of the best pirate games ever made (which just has assassins in it), one of Black Flag’s greatest joys is sailing with your crew, singing barracks, stopping in ports to shoot down Royal Navy soldiers and find treasure. As the game’s story unfolds, you bring new members to the Jackdaw team and alliance. Finally, you have Blackbeard, Charles Vane, Jack Rackham, and many more on your team.

But, as any good pirate knows, the Golden Age can’t last forever, and that’s the crux of Black Flag. This is personified in a heartbreaking scene during the final hours of the game where Edward Kenway is drinking. While not technically a meal, a good drink round can be just as engaging as food. He looks around and sees all the infamous pirates who accompanied him on his sea voyage. Then they start to fade … because they are dead. Edward drinks with the ghosts of his friends. Some meals are memorized because of laughter and smiles; This one, however, is known for the heartache that Ubisoft used to signify the end of the golden age of piracy.

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