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The best new mobile roguelikes of 2020 | Articles




Seven rolls

Seven rolls

Seven Scrolls is a simple rough look, with so much depth behind the relaxed graphics, that you’ll spend a lot of time trying to master it! You play as a monk-like character, able to move around a map by choosing one of four directions. There are also monsters spawning on the map, looking to attack you, and scrolls you can grab. You won’t know what these scrolls are doing until you collect them – and you can only hold a limited amount of them – so you’ll have to be careful and lucky!


Kill the arrow

Kill the arrow

Slay the Spire, a popular PC game, released on mobile this year! This game adds deck building and cards to the rouglike genre, where you have to collect cards, feed them and play them to help your hero live and destroy the monsters appearing on your screen. You will have a choice on a map as to what level to take next, but these maps have paths you must follow, so thinking ahead is essential. It’s an intense game that’s so addicting!



Kind: Action, Adventure, RPG, Shooting


A roguelike in SPACE, Endurance takes you on a spaceship, where a virus has spread through the population, killing almost everyone. You are one of the survivors and you are looking to find those who are still alive and help stop this virus, in the hope that you will one day find it alive. This ronguelike has weapons, gunfire, and plenty of upgrades to explore – as well as aliens to kill.


Dead cells

Developer: Motion Twin

Kind: Action, adventure

Dead cells

Another popular roguelike that has made its way from PC to mobile, Dead Cells made our top list this year. As you fight your way through a procedurally generated world, you’ll find yourself running, slashing, shooting, and trying to survive defeating huge enemies and breaking deeper into the castle. Each time you die, you can improve your character and learn from your mistakes, before returning to the game.


Machina Maze

Developer: Tiny tales

Kind: Puzzle

Machina Maze

Maze Machina has you play a little character, trapped inside a glass chamber with ever-changing challenges. Your enemy is outside the glass, constantly changing the labyrinth you are trapped in and challenging you with tricky mazes you must overcome. It’s a game for him, but for you, your goal is to be smart, think before you move, and survive a little longer. It’s a neat and quite different roguelike.

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