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The best ZRG 20mm sniper loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone



The Season Two Reloaded Mid-Season Update has introduced a new sniper in Call of Duty: War Zone. The 20mm ZRG is the most powerful sniper rifle ever introduced to Activision’s successful battle royale. Based on the real-life Denel NTW-20, the ZRG 20mm is the third anti-material rifle introduced in War zone.

Anti-material rifles are a type of sniper that specializes in disabling infrastructure and vehicles. They are devastating against aircraft and even light armored tanks. Since an anti-vehicle sniper does not play a significant role in Obligations, Raven Software has reinvented the ZRG. The result of this is a high damage sniper with the highest bullet velocity of any weapon in War zone.

ZRG 20mm Warzone Construction

  • Muzzle: Agency moderator
  • Barrel: 43.9 ″ Combat Recon
  • Ammunition: 5th
  • Underbarrel: Bipod
  • Rear grip: Speed ​​belt

Its impressive bullet speed makes the ZRG 20mm the best long-range sniper rifle. The HDR previously had the title, but in the future, the ZRG seems to be the best option. It works similarly to both the HDR and the LW3 – Tundra, but outperforms them thanks to its superior optics and bullet speed.

Unsurprisingly, any decent 20mm ZRG build should be optimized for long-range engagements. Even though the ZRG has better handling characteristics than you could, save for such a heavy gun, it is still outmatched by the Kar98k up close. It just doesn’t aim fast enough to compete, so it’s best used as a long-range weapon.

Warzone Zrg 20mm with telescopic sight

For this reason, both the Agency Moderator and the 43.9 ″ Combat Recon barrel are optimal. These attachments combine to greatly increase the speed of the bullet, which is great for a long range. War zone sniper like the ZRG 20mm. By default, it already has a high bullet velocity, but with these accessories it significantly outperforms all other snipers in War zone. The ZRG is an exceptionally loud weapon. The additional suppression provided by the moderator combats that. High-caliber sniper rifles like this one are dangerous to use without a suppressor due to the risk of revealing their position both on radar and via audio signals.

Arguably the biggest downside to running a standard ZRG is its small three-round magazine. Even with perfect accuracy, the restriction of this magazine greatly limits the potential of this sniper. It is possible to get a magazine of up to 7 rounds, but such accessories have unfavorable disadvantages. Therefore, the best balance between performance and practicality is the 5-round ammo accessory. As a bonus, this is a low-level accessory, so it doesn’t require a lot of polishing to access.

Warzone Zrg 20mm Gun Inspection

Both the Serpent Tape and the Speed ​​Tape work equally well for the rear grip attachment slot. These accessories increase the time to aim down, which is useful for taking shots as quickly as possible. Interestingly, these attachments seem to work identically contrary to their in-game descriptions, so feel free to use them.

The fifth accessory for this 20mm ZRG War zone construction is not too important. Some players may prefer to wear optics that do not emit a sniper flash when looking. The Royal & Kross 4x is commonly used in Cold War snipers to achieve this. However, there is also a strong argument in favor of the bipod. The 20mm ZRG comes equipped with a set of easy-to-use preset optics, so minimizing your vertical kick between shots is a better use of that final attachment slot.

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