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The Escapists 2 PS4 Full Version Free Download



The Escapists 2 PS4 Full Version Free Download

The Ultimate Prison Sandbox!

Do your best to escape from the toughest prison in the world. Explore the largest prison to date, featuring multiple floors, roofs, vents, and underground tunnels.

The Escapists 2 PS4 Full Version Free Download

You must abide by the prison rules, participate in the name, do the prison work, and follow strict daily arrangements; Everything is trying to fight for freedom for you!
Your prison escapes the dangerous movements of the cold Fort Tundra castle, passing the train through the desert to the final frontier!

Build your control!

It’s time to really control your prisoners. Choose your character from a large number of customizations to make it unique. Dressing in fashion is important when planning to escape.

Escape team combination!

Combine up to 3 friends to form the ultimate escape team and design the craziest escape plan! Get online or gather on the couch to prepare for your secret adventure. Working together, they will create a more elaborate and courageous plan.

Do you feel competitive?

Put it in contrast mode and show that you have the ability to escape from any prison faster than your friends. If all else fails, fight your hostility through the prison group in the courtyard!

Make an escape plan!

In prison, you have to be creative and use limited tools. You must combine everyday items like soap and socks to create new weapons and tools to help you achieve your goals. Steal the fork from the cafeteria, tunnel the room, and make posters with magazines and tape to hide the evidence. You will soon learn that the tape solves (almost) everything!

Ready to fight!
Escaper 2 features a new combat system that makes every prison fight more exciting and interactive. You must tie the chain of attack and focus on the target you are targeting to gain an advantage in combat. Make sure you hit the gym first!

Escape the new method!

As the prison becomes more and more difficult, you will have to plan a more careful escape plan. There are many options for any prison escape. Try making a drug mix to fake your own death and let the mortuary do the rest!

Go build a cell!

In the prison map editor, now it’s your turn to build a prison to accommodate the fiercest residents. Inside, there are all the rooms, fences, and police dogs you need to build a prison that is hard to imagine, and you don’t even need tape.

You can collect the blueprints for these prisons and start doing your own work with the custom prison option on the main menu. When you’re ready, you can show your world to others via the Steam Workshop, where you can also download the prison

characteristics of other architects. 11 prisons
. Collaborate up to 4 people and multiplayer.
Join / Midway / Split Screen Multiplayer Game
More than 300 Customs
Multi-level prison

The Escapists 2 PS4 Full Version Free Download

How to install?

1. Click the “Download Game” button.
2. Download the installer for “The Escapists 2” (supports resumable downloads).
3. Open the installer, click Next and choose the directory to install.
4. Let it download the full version game to your specified directory.
5. Open the game and enjoy playing.

If you have any problems running “The Escapists 2” feel free to comment below, I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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The Escapists 2 PS4 Full Version Free Download

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