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The Eternals – Salma Hayek Announces the Reshoot of the Marvel Movie



Filming for The Eternals ended before the lockdown, and post-production continues remotely for the Covid-19 emergency. Predictably, though, the Marvel Studios fine comic will have to return to the set for the usual reshoots.

To announce it is Salma Hayek, in a post on Instagram where she shows her new tint to cover the regrowth. The Mexican actress lends her face to Ajak, who in the comics is a man and has various powers: manipulation of cosmic energy and the molecular structure of objects, accelerated healing, flight, superhuman strength, production of heat and light through optical rays. Moreover, like the other members of the Eternals, he is immortal. The character was created by Jack Kirby on The Eternals (vol. 1) n. 2, published in August 1976.

We don’t know when such additional filming will take place, but it is known that Jurassic World: Dominion will return to the set in July in the UK, so The Eternals could do the same even earlier, especially if the reshoots are held in the same country.

The release of the film, directed by the talented Chloe Zhao, is postponed to February 12, 2021. You can see the photos of Salma Hayek below.

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