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The Grammy modify the categories of Urban to be more inclusive



The music industry starts to reflect some changes to make the racism side

Under a global context in which the society demands that we eradicate the racism that afro-descendent community has suffered along with the history, the entertainment industry starts to make some small changes to try to be more inclusive. For example, HBO removed from its catalogue ‘What the Wind’ for being a film racist, and now, the Grammy announced modifications to the categories of “Urban” to show a greater variety.

According to Variety, the Academy of Recording announced that the next edition of the Grammy awards to introduce a new name in Best Urban Contemporary Album, which will change to Best Album of R&B, Progressive with the aim of “highlighting the albums that include elements of more progressive, R&B, and include samples and elements of hip-hop, rap, dance and electronic music”, as they said in a statement.

Harvey Mason Jr, executive director of the Grammy, made it clear to the media, that seek to “reflect the current state of the music industry”, as well as the social situation in which we are living, in which the movement Black Lives Matter becoming more and more important and has once again brought racism into the conversation in the united States and the rest of the world.

In this way, the Academy caters to a music industry that for years had been relegated to simply being listed as Urban, a word that has caused conflict in the music for a long time. For example, Warner Records, which is the house label of Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and The Weeknd through Republic Records, has announced that it will stop using the term and invited other companies to follow their example.

In part, this change arises as a response to the controversy that was generated from that Tyler the Creator won Best Album Rap in 2019 with his album “IGOR” and said that he had mixed emotions about it.

“On the one hand, I feel very grateful for being recognized in a world like this, but it also sucks that when it is that we —and I mean those people look like me—we are placed in a category of rap or urban,” said the musician in his time, who said that he thought the word “urban” is a “politically correct to say the word with n”.

However, the word “city” shall continue to exist the category “Best Album Pop or Urban Album” Grammy in his version of anglo, formerly called “Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative”. Another change for the next edition of the awards will be given to the modification of Best Collaboration Rap/Sung Best Rap Melodic.

The decision was announced this Wednesday, but according to the Grammys, it is a situation that had been analyzed during the past six months to show an organization adapted to the historical context in which we live.

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