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The Great Ace Attorney Western Release Confirmed



Two Ace Attorney games, The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve, officially receive a Western release, as announced by Capcom.

The Great Ace Attorney is a spinoff of the Ace Attorney series and takes place in the Meiji Period (or Victorian era), and both games will be released together as a bundle, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Western release of The Great Ace Attorney
Credit: Capcom

Ten novel adventures await you, taking place roughly a century before the events of the original. Phoenix Wright: Top Attorney. As Ryunosuke travels from his home in Japan to foreign soil in Europe, he will present his case in court and defend the innocence of his clients. A different region, and a different time period, means a new cast of strange and wonderful people who will also be for and against Ryunosuke on his many adventures. It seems to be a magnet for the quirky characters in the family.


Originally released in 2015 for 3DS, The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures follows the protagonist, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, an English student at Teito Yūmei University and ancestor of Phoenix Wright, the protagonist of Ace Attorney.

Joining Ryūnosuke is Asōgi Kazuma, a friend and law student who is studying to become a defense attorney, but is already “more than qualified” to be, according to Capcom. Ryūnosuke also meets and befriends world-famous British detective Sherlock Holmes (renamed Herlock Sholmes) while in Britain.

Western release of The Great Ace Attorney
Credit: Capcom

The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve was released on 3DS in 2017, two years after the first game, and is a sequel to the first game, which takes place 2 months after the events of The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures.

The Great Ace Attorney uses the same courtroom gameplay style in the Ace Attorney games. The game is divided between investigation, where players collect evidence and witness testimony, and court battles, where players try to uncover the truth behind the case.

The Great Ace Attorney also has a jury, which directly influences the trial. The jurors can render a verdict during a trial at any time, and the player will have the opportunity to present a final argument, during which they will interview the jurors in an attempt to change their mind.

Great Ace Attorney’s Western release will be July 27 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

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