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The history of Chris Redfield part one: The early years



Resident Evil Village it’s fast approaching, and with that has come the interest in previous games in the series. What is unique Town However, it is that since it is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, its connection to the other games is tenuous at best. However, a great link to the classic series is Mr. Boulder Puncher himself, Chris Redfield, one of the originals. Demonic resident characters. To help people catch up Town, We have decided to delve into Chris’s story as we get closer to Resident Evil Village. In the first part of our Chris Redfield Story series, we’ll cover everything that led to Bad resident 5. Considering how long Chris has been around, there’s a lot of ground to cover.

Not much is available about Chris’s early life. We know that his parents and he and his sister, Claire, passed away when they were very young. Chris joined the US Air Force, where he befriended his future STARS officer, Barry Burton. Chris’s headstrong attitude led him to leave the service himself or to be fired for insubordination. In 1996, Chris was recruited by the Special Tactics and Rescue Service, or “STARS,” a special law enforcement organization in Raccoon City.

During his time at STARS, Chris quickly became a very capable officer, solving several high-profile cases. His Captain, Albert Wesker, recognized Chris’s abilities, and Chris soon became close friends with several other STARS members, most notably Jill Valentine. Chris’s first contact with bioweapons would occur during the Spencer Mansion Incident, which took place during the first Demonic resident play. After grizzly killings began to occur around the Arklay Mountains, STARS was dispatched to investigate. Upon arrival, the team found the corpse of their pilot and were chased by rabid dogs to the mansion.

Chris Redfield Story

It all starts in a mansion …

It was soon discovered that the mansion was built by Dr. Oswell E. Spencer, co-founder of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. The mansion was the facade of an underground laboratory where Umbrella carried out illegal biological weapons research for the US military.One of these viruses, the T-Virus, transformed the laboratory personnel into zombies – the cause of the murders. in the zone. It was later also discovered that Wesker was working for Umbrella as a double agent, whose orders were to destroy the facility and any witnesses to the incident. This, unfortunately, included all the members of his own STARS unit. Chris confronted Wesker in the underground lab and things got sketchy. Wesker released a Tyrant from stasis to kill Chris.

Unfortunately for Wesker, he was seriously injured by the monster. The rest of the STARS team consisting of Chris, Jill, Barry, Brad and Rebecca were able to escape by helicopter. However, Wesker was able to survive due to infecting himself with a version of the virus. This was not the last confrontation Chris would have with his former captain. After the incident, Chris, Jill, and the other surviving members of the mansion attempted to take down Umbrella through official channels. However, Umbrella did their due diligence and bribed and paid everyone they could, including Raccoon City Police Chief Brian Irons.

As a result of these attempts, Chris ended up being unloaded from the force when STARS was shut down. Chris then took this opportunity to head to Europe to investigate Umbrella’s field offices. Jill stayed in Raccoon City and continued trying to take down Umbrella herself. However, before Chris could continue his European investigation, his sister Claire was captured by Umbrella’s security division in France. She was then transported to a prison camp on Rockfort Island in the Southern Ocean. This is when Resident Evil Code: Veronica took place – December 1998: three months after the events of Resident Evil 2.

Wesker’s corridor

While searching for Claire, Chris once again confronted Wesker. It was there that Chris learned that Wesker had obtained superhuman powers from the virus he injected himself before the Spencer mansion was destroyed. After their encounter, Chris went to Antarctica where he found Claire trying to rescue her fellow runaway Steve Burnside. Wesker and Alexia Ashford battled over the last sample of the T-Veronica virus when Chris tried to intervene. Wesker fled the scene and Chris was able to temporarily detain Alexia.

Shortly after the Antarctic base self-destruct, Chris stayed behind to fight a transformed Alexia while Claire escaped. After defeating Alexia, Chris went after Wesker who had kidnapped Claire. Chris tried to fight Wesker, but was severely beaten. He was no match for Wesker’s new superhuman abilities. But Chris was able to wound Wesker enough that the fight had to end another time before the facility was destroyed. Chris was now more determined than ever to take down Umbrella.

Following the total destruction of Raccoon City at the end of Resident Evil 3Chris was reunited with Jill. Reunited, they formed a team to do everything possible to expose and take down Umbrella. Chris and Jill soon embarked on another adventure in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, a light weapons game for Wii. In this game, Chris and Jill go to investigate an Umbrella facility in Russia; this happened in 2003, five years after Raccoon City. While investigating a village attacked by biological weapons, they find a girl named Anna who managed to stay hidden from the zombies.

Chris Redfield Story

You forgot this game existed, didn’t you?

While searching for more survivors, Chris discovered that Wesker was not bringing anything good back. It turns out that this village was actually mostly Umbrella employees who worked at the nearby facility. After finding a new bioweapon monster, Chris and Jill were able to defeat him and destroy the facility. With the American, European and Russian facilities destroyed, Umbrella was paralyzed to the point of not returning. However, just because Umbrella was gone, that didn’t mean the people behind him were.

The rogue researchers who left when Umbrella collapsed began selling their research to the highest bidders on the black market. Umbrella’s weapons were in more hands than ever in the entire world. Because of this, Chris and Jill helped found the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, or BSAA. On Revelations of the residence of evil, originally on 3DS, Chris and his new partner named Jessica investigated a terrorist organization known as Il Veltro in Finland.

Chris and Jessica were able to find an abandoned Il Veltro facility on top of a nearby mountain. In this installation, the pair were attacked by mutant wolves. Despite Chris sustaining a leg injury, he and Jessica were able to defeat the group. Later, he learned that Jill and her new partner, Parker Luciani, were trapped aboard an ocean liner named Queen Zenobia. After fighting a sea monster, Chris and Jessica found Jill and Parker on the ship. Once reunited, Chris and Jill headed to the ship’s laboratory to destroy the new T-Abyss virus before it infects the entire ocean.

Friends reunited just before the tragedy

After destroying the virus, Parker was found shot in the leg by Jessica. Turns out Jessica was a mole to the mastermind behind the whole operation, Morgan Lansdale. Morgan was the head of the Federal Bioterrorism Commission, or FBC, a precursor to the BSAA. It was later revealed that BSAA director Clive R. O’Brian had enacted a counterintelligence operation to expose Morgan and his corrupt dealings. In doing this, the BSAA discovered another ship, the Queen Dido. Chris and Jill then headed there to end the T-Abyss virus and Morgan’s ambitions once and for all.

They were able to stop the virus and find the evidence necessary to bring down Morgan and the FBC. Chris rose through the ranks to become one of the BSAA’s most prominent officers. In 2006, during the Bad resident 5 In the Lost in Nightmares DLC, Chris and Jill learned of the location of former Umbrella founder Dr. Oswell E. Spencer. Heading to his mansion, Chris and Jill discovered Oswell moments after Wesker killed him. Chris and Jill were once again no match for her superhuman powers. However, before Wesker delivered a fatal blow to Chris, Jill pushed Wesker out a window and threw him into the waters below the mansion’s mountainous overlook.

Jill’s body was never found, but Chris refused to believe that she was dead. He followed all the clues he could, which eventually led him to Africa, where Bad resident 5 occurs.

That’s where we’ll end the Chris Redfield story for today. The next game in the series, Bad resident 5, is a pivotal juncture in Chris’s story and leads directly to the events of Demonic resident 7, and inevitably Resident Evil Village.

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