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The Last of Us 2 video lays out Ellie’s enemies: the WLF, the Seraphites, and the infected



Ellie's enemies in The Last of Us 2

Ellie’s enemies in The Final of Us 2 will power you to make tactical selections in addition to ethical ones.

The newest in-depth documentary video goes “Contained in the World” of the upcoming sport. It contrasts Ellie’s house of Jackson County, Wyoming together with her eventual vacation spot of Seattle and the broader Pacific Northwest, and it additionally delves into the inhabitants of these locationseach human and never a lot anymore.

Ellie's enemies in The Last of Us 2

The 2 essential factions that Ellie will conflict with – at the very least the 2 that Naughty Canine is prepared to disclose to this point – are the Washington Liberation Entrance and the Seraphites. The previous are inhabitants of Seattle and past who survived the apocalyptic outbreak below a harsh navy quarantine, finally rising up towards the military and seizing their gear. The Seraphites are a non secular group who see the contaminated as a response to the world’s sin.

“The WLF has loads of navy gear that they are ready to make use of to defend this space, they usually have giant numbers, whereas the Seraphites are very quiet and stealthy,” director Neil Druckmann explains within the video. “They’re ready to make use of the massive quantity of foliage to their benefit, they usually combat extra with this sort of guerrilla warfare.”

Preventing the Seraphites sounds terrifying, particularly as they flip Ellie’s stealth techniques round on her. Most likely not as terrifying because the contaminated, admittedly.

Contaminated are nonetheless a risk on this world,” Druckmann mentioned. “We first wished to take the essential lessons we had within the first sport and say, ‘What’s completely different about them now?’ So we’ll have eventualities the place we’ll have far more runners, typically hordes of runners coming after you. It could be about simply escaping as a result of the chances are overwhelming. This factor simply retains mutating, there’s sure evolutions of contaminated that you have not seen earlier than, for brand spanking new lessons.”

New sorts just like the Shamblers, who burst into acid clouds while you get too shut, will power you to make speedy selections because the battlefield adjustments form. Naughty Canine needs combating towards contaminated to really feel simply as clever as combating towards people.

In the event you simply go in weapons blazing and throw warning to the wind, you may simply get overwhelmed and remorse that technique,” Druckmann mentioned.

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