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‘The More Life, the Better!’: Guilherme will discover FlĂĄvia’s crime



🎧 Valentina Herszage, Flávia of the 19h soap opera, praises the partnership with Mateus Solano:

Trying to improve the living conditions of his father, Juca (Fabio Herford), who is unemployed, Flavie (Valentina Herszage) was involved in the biggest robbery with Cora (Valentina Bandeira), her colleague.

Following Cora’s orders, the young woman stole a suitcase full of dollars at the airport. FlĂĄvia came to regret having participated in the coup, but it was too late. Cora ended up in prison and FlĂĄvia managed to escape with her briefcase.

To escape the police, the dancer dressed up as a flight attendant and entered the plane with the millionaire’s suitcase on what William (Matthew Solano), Paula (Giovanna antonelli) and Babe (Vladimir Britta) They were.

🔍 FlĂĄvia narrowly escaped death after the plane crash, but soon after was denounced by her mother-in-law, Odete (Luciana Paes), who learned of the coup d’etat committed by her mother-in-law. girl.

After the complaint, the police will begin to investigate the dancer, and Guilherme will be the first to be summoned to make a statement about FlĂĄvia.

“If she is arrested, how long does she spend in jail?” the doctor will ask the police.

“At least a year behind bars,” said the delegate.

WL! Will Guilherme hand over FlĂĄvia to the police? ??

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