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‘The More Life, the Better!’: Vladimir Brichta will make famous football player; see photo!



But he got so passionate about the routine of late nights and drinking alcohol that he ended up retiring from the lawns early. However, years later, he tries to resume his playing career and fights with all his might to regain the role of ace.

Due to your financial problems, Babe he was forced to live with his mother, Nedda (Elisabeth savala), the girls and their two ex-wives: Jandira (Micheli machado), childhood girlfriend, with whom he had Martine (Agnes Brichta); and the second, betina (Carol garcia), with whom he had Bianca (Sara vidal). He also has a manager who is like his father: Osvaldo (Marcos Caruso), who lives from top to bottom with the player.

Everything changes in Baby’s life when he has a plane crash. In fact, he and three other people: Paula Terrare (Giovanna antonelli), Guillaume Monteiro (Matthew Solano) and Flavie (Valentina Herszage). You can already see that a lot of history is going to happen with these four crossing paths!

The plot, which marks the beginning of Mauro wilson as author of novels and artistic direction of Allan fiterman, is slated to debut in November.

Vladimir Brichta praises Adriana Esteves’ performance: “One of the greatest actresses in this country”

Vladimir Brichta cools off in a waterfall with children and his stepson

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