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The Nioh Collection Review – Smooth Suffering



Nioh’s games are deliberately tough battles against all kinds of demonic enemies. As you make your way through each level, Experiences offer serious loot and variety customization, tons of content to grind and conquer, and opportunities to face off against Big Bosses with friends. . Oh, and there is also a lot of death to be done, because the Nioh games are brutal without remorse. Rugged Samurai Slashers are now available as a remastered dual feature with the Nioh Collection from the PlayStation 5.

Now is a great time to dive into the franchise if you’ve postponed it for whatever reason, as the package includes remastered versions of Nioh and Nioh 2, along with their associated DLCs and add-ons. While I would have a hard time recommending reverting to the original Nioh when Nioh 2 is essentially a much more polished version of that experience, it’s a bonus history lesson if you’re hungry for more (although you can also purchase these remasters individually). Chances are it won’t, as you can easily spend a hundred hours on Nioh 2 content alone if you’re shooting for deep endgames, DLCs, and more.

The remastered titles included in the Nioh collection feature 4K graphics and up to 120 frames per second. If your television or monitor does not support this equipment, no problem. Both games perform amazingly well and look fantastic regardless of your setup. Running at 60 FPS is important for action / RPG genre games, as you want to be able to effectively assess the situation before you swing, dodge, block, or beat your way to victory, and you l regardless of how awesome your setup is. Another extreme benefit given the number of recharges after death is the fast load times facilitated by the PS5’s SSD.

Getting back to Nioh games after looking at the two separately at launch is an interesting task. While the Nioh games share similarities with the From Software’s Souls series, Team Ninja has made some striking design choices that players should be aware of before taking the plunge. For example, the worlds of Nioh are actively hostile and seek your demise with a sick sort of cruelty behind enemy placement, boss abilities, etc. If you’re ready to take a beating by a bully and smile as you get stronger, call your in-game friends to help you out and grind yourself a massive set of powerful gear, Nioh is the way to go. you need. It’s fun to pick up on your oppressive foes with a host of equipment and magical options hours later and crush the evil Yokai who was giving you nightmares, but you need to have the right temper and the right attitude to do well. take advantage of the challenges that the series unloads. you.

If you can have a happy face getting kicked by a demon, take advantage of repeating side missions for loot to create a perfectly rolled item piece, and possibly defeat the most vicious of opponents, you’ll be right at home. you. . On the other hand, if being absolutely smashed into the dirt before slowly climbing back up isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other action / RPGs to try before you come to Nioh.

I recommend going to Nioh 2 immediately, whether or not you’ve played the original. Nioh 2 refines and builds on pretty much every system that the first game offered and gives you a ton of content and options to explore. Some content is reused almost wholesale from the original game, so you can get all the Nioh you need by immediately diving into the second game. The original looks and plays significantly better than before, but compared to the sequel , it looks more like a prototype concept.

Don’t worry about the breakdown; History has never been a big draw for me with this series, and you won’t miss much.

Even if you’ve played Nioh 2 before and know what to expect, I recommend you check out some of the new weapons and options on offer here with the full DLC on display. Handguns allow you to strike, kick and fight for victory and should not be missed for those looking for a new experience. The substantial DLC content of both games is tuned to give even the biggest and baddest Demon Slayer a challenge, so these provide another great reason to revisit these games.

The Nioh Collection is an interesting return for seasoned pros looking to experience enhanced visuals, DLC content, or different weapons and skills. For new players, this remastered collection is absolutely the best way to experience Nioh games. Just know what demonic delights you’re signing up for!

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