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‘There is no political intolerance,’ says defense of Bolsonaro supporter who killed PT treasurer in Paraná



“We are sure, there is no political intolerance. Despite Guaranho having a right-wing positioning, he was not an extremely political person, so political motivation is totally ruled out. […] He was on patrol and this fatality happened, which is a tragedy. But the political question can be completely ruled out,” said lawyer Poliana.

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The crime was recorded by security cameras on Saturday night (9). Arruda was shot by Guaranho during his own birthday party, which was themed about his party and former president Lula. See the chronology of events in the video below.

Chronology: assassination of PT treasurer

Chronology: assassination of PT treasurer

The new defense took over the case on Tuesday (12). Previously, the lawyer Andreza Dolatto Inaccio, who had been appointed during the weekend’s shift to defend Guaranho, presided over the case. On Monday (11) he left the case and informed that he communicated to the 3rd criminal court so that a new defense could be indicated for the case.

According to the defense, what led the federal criminal police officer to shoot, was he felt threatened after the vehicle he was with his wife and son, was hit by land, thrown by the PT.

“He felt threatened by having been thrown a lot of stone, sorry, a lot of earth, against him, with his wife and children inside the car,” said Poliana.

Attorney Cleverson Ortega said, however, that it is still “premature” to formulate a line of defense because “the images are so clear.” He also stated that Guaranho was described by family members as a “calm” person.

“Totally premature to maintain a line of defense, the images are quite clear, but only Guaranho will be able to clarify what actually happened. […] The family is very shaken, the wife, but at first they informed me that he would be a calm person, who has no history of aggression, a totally balanced person,” said the lawyer.

The defense ended by informing that it will soon comment on the facts after finding out about the entire investigation.

PT Marcelo Arruda (left) was killed by Jorge Guaranho (right), Bolsonaro supporter – Photo: Reproduction

The Civil Police of Paraná will hear three more people this Wednesday (13), for the investigation into the murder.

According to the Paraná Public Security Department, another 14 people have already been heard. Also according to Sesp, the The investigation is expected to be completed by next Tuesday (19).

THE RPC had access to the testimony of a friend of Marcelo Arruda who was at the birthday party. He detailed what happened before the shooting began.

  • Police investigate whether Bolsonaro supporter learned of PT-themed party when visiting club the afternoon before the crime

According to him, everything was going well until, inside the parking lot, a man appeared who shouted from inside a white car: “This is Bolsonaro!” and cursed people around.

He stated that the criminal policeman maneuvered the car, returned, continued with the cursing and drew a pistol pointing at Marcelo. At that moment, according to the testimony, Marcelo threw the glass he had in his hand towards the man to defend himself.

In the testimony, the witness says that it was possible to hear the man say that he was leaving but that he would return.

According to the witness, Marcelo said he would go to his vehicle to get the gun so he wouldn’t be unprotected. The friend also stated that the man was not known to anyone at the party, he was not invited and it is unknown what he was doing there.

  • Brothers of PT treasurer killed by Bolsonaro supporter return to crime scene

The wife of federal criminal police officer Jorge Guaranho was also interviewed by the police. She has not been named. According to prosecutor Tiago lisbon, she stated that her husband was a member of the association and frequented the place.

“He used to go there, with relative frequency, practically every Tuesday and Friday. It’s a recreational club and on that specific day, he went there, he would have gone there to carry out a round that was common to be done by members of the association, from that place over there,” he said.

Also according to the prosecutor, Guaranho’s wife said he did not know Marcelo Arruda.

Federal criminal police officer Jorge Guaranho is hospitalized in the ICU. SESP-PR and the Civil Police reported, that he and the civil police reported that he is sedated, intubated, stable. There is no forecast of a rise.

Security cameras recorded the moment when the criminal police officer arrived by car and stopped at the door of the party. He made a maneuver and turned the car. Marcelo and his wife left and there was an argument.

The incident report informs that Guaranho arrived at the scene by car and that a woman and a baby were also in the vehicle.

After a few seconds, Jorge left. He returned to the scene minutes later in the same car, got out of the vehicle and shot outside.

According to the document, he got out of the armed car, shouting: “Here is Bolsonaro!”. According to the bulletin, the criminal police officer was not known to anyone at the party and was not invited.

The shooter then entered the ballroom, where he shot Marcelo again.

Another camera, installed inside the hall where the birthday party took place, recorded the moment when the PT treasurer was shot.

When he was hit by Guaranho, Marcelo Arruda, who was armed, retaliated. In the camera images, Marcelo appears falling to the floor of the hall.

The shooter then made other shots, as shown in the video. Then a woman – who, according to police, would be Marcelo’s wife – tried to stop the shooter from continuing and pushed him.

The celebration was held at the headquarters of the Associação Esportiva Saúde Física Itaipu, in Vila A.

Place where the PT’s murder took place in Foz de Iguaçu — Photo: Arte/g1

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