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These 4 sounds and noises will make your dog feel happier in the day



For those who are a tutor (or pet parent), the goal is always to make the pet as happy as possible. Whether training or playing, there are ways to let your happiest puppy and prone to playing games and activities together.

One of the ways to encourage your dog is to take advantage of their keen hearing and stimulate the animal. So, check out these 5 sounds and noises that will make your dog feel happier during the day.

1) Toys with sound

Sound toys stimulate the canine hearing and brighten your pet’s day. Sharp noises tend to hold the dog’s attention and, because of this, make toys with sharp sounds the most played by the pet.

2) Reggae

You know when they say that classical music can calm, relax and even make a person sleep easier? So the equivalent of this for dogs is the reggae.

Strange as it may seem, a study done at the University of Glasgow showed that reggae has a tendency to keep dogs quiet for longer.

3) Sounds that announce things dogs like

Sounds are stimuli which can be for both good and negative things. Therefore, depending on the breed, your puppy may associate a noise with something he likes to do. For example, if you are used to walking your dog, the sound of the leash is enough to make him jump for joy.

4) The tutor’s voice

The more familiar the noise, the more the dog tends to identify and rejoice. And the sound that dogs most like to hear is the tutor’s voice. It brings an effect similar to the sounds of nature and causes relaxation and tranquility to the animal.

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