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This will be the storyline of the fourth season



The most famous series of Netflix does not yet have a release date of his next season, however, there are already some indications about how it will be this next installment.

We know that Stranger Things is one of the series preferred by the users within the streaming platform, set in the ’80s and has managed to remember the music I listened to, and also certain artifacts and costumes that were used at that time.

Even, this has also caused the public who fortunately lived in such a time to fall in love with the series, for that reason. Although its success also is due to the genre of science fiction and fantasy, the plot turns out to be quite enthralling.

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After the disappearance of a child (Will Byers) is being uncovered strange events that take place in a village of Hawkins (Indiana, United States). And in this problem also plays an important role in Government intervention in a scientific laboratory that is located in the area.

However, as we also know, due to the strike because of the pandemic, the producers still have not been able to determine a specific date for the premiere of this new and long-awaited season, so you will have to keep waiting.

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But, it’s not all bad news, because what we do know is that there are several clues about what will the fourth installment of the series. And is that, on the one hand, Jim Hopper survived the explosion, but finds himself lost and enslaved in Russia.

In addition, we have the title of what will be the first chapter of this fourth season, it will take by the name “The Hellfire Club”, as well as, it can be concluded that it is very likely that Hopper tries to escape to try to return to the United States or even that their loved ones try to rescue him.

And according to what he recently said David Harbour, the actor who plays the police, your character will take a greater role and there will also be an explanation about how he arrived at the village of Indiana.

The faithful fans are more than anxious to know as much information as possible about the new delivery, however, we cannot do more than remain aware of whether the actors or the producers in charge of the same they decide to tell us something about it.

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