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THUG Invitational Season 5 BGMI Tournament: Complete Details



THUG Invitational is back with its fifth season, the second Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tournament in this franchise to take place this year following the conclusion of season four earlier in January which was won by TeamXSpark.

Three months later, THUG Invitational Season 5 has been announced all set to take place online from 9th to 25th May, while streaming exclusively on Loco and 8bit Thug’s official YouTube channel.

This season of the BGMI tournament will be featuring 32 directly invited teams competing for a total prize pool of INR 8,00,000 ($10,479 USD), half of them going back home before the final stage of the tournament.

Here is everything that we know about the tournament so far including schedule, results, overall standings, livestream details, and everything else.

THUG Invitational Season 5: Complete details of the BGMI tournament

Villager Esports has come forward with a lot of information about the upcoming THUG Invitational Season 5 which features a total prize pool of INR 8,00,000 with 32 teams from all across India all set to participate in the event.

A total of 32 teams have been directly invited for this tournament from all over the country. These teams have been further divided into four groups of eight teams each for the initial stage of the event.

Here are all the participants that will be competing in this tournament segregated according to their groups,

  1. TSM

  2. Chemin Esports

  3. Enigma Gaming

  4. Revenge

  5. Team Xspark

  6. 7Sea Esports

  7. Hydra

  8. Brawlers

  1. Team SouL

  2. Global Esports

  3. Galaxy Racer

  4. Reckoning Esports

  5. Team XO

  6. Revenant Esports

  7. Team Forever

  8. R E Esports

  1. GodLike Esports

  2. Team Celtz

  3. Marcos Gaming

  4. Entity Gaming

  5. Team iNSANE

  6. BLIND Esports

  7. RIVALRY Esports

  8. OR Esports

  1. Skylightz Gaming

  2. Hyderabad Hydras

  3. Team INS

  4. Walkout

  5. 8bit

  6. Orangutan

  7. Team Mayhem

  8. Team TRP

Only 16 teams will make it through to the final stage following the initial two weeks of the tournament. It will be interesting to see which teams make it through to the final stage.

The invite-only online tournament will be taking place from 9th to 25th May. As the event is divided between a league stage and a final stage, this is how the entire schedule of the THUG Invitational Season 5 looks like.

  • 9th May – League Stage Day 1

  • 10th May – League Stage Day 2

  • 11th May – League Stage Day 3

  • 16th May – League Stage Day 4

  • 17th May – League Stage Day 5

  • 18th May – League Stage Day 6

  • 23rd May – Finals Day 1

  • 24th May – Finals Day 2

  • 25th May – Finals Day 3

The league stage of the tournament will be following a round-robin format where two pre-decided groups get clubbed together and compete on a map. After the culmination of all six league stage days, the standings of every group will be accessed and the top four teams from each group will move on to the grand finals.

Across the three grand final days, the 16 qualified teams will participate in six matches every day and the overall standings at the end of 18 matches will decide the winner of this tournament.

The overall standing of the competing teams at the end of each day of the league stage is as follows:


The following teams have qualified through the league stage and will be competing in the grand finals,

  1. TBD

  2. TBD

  3. TBD

  4. TBD

  5. TBD

  6. TBD

  7. TBD

  8. TBD

  9. TBD

  10. TBD

  11. TBD

  12. TBD

  13. TBD

  14. TBD

  15. TBD

  16. TBD

The overall standing of the competing teams at the end of each day of the finals stage is as follows:

The THUG Invitational Season 5 BGMI tournament will be exclusively livestreamed on Loco and 8bit Thug’s official YouTube channel. Those interested can visit the streams by clicking the links above.

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